Standard Services

Schematic Design
  • Consult with the Owner to determine project goals, requirements, and program

  • Develop study drawings, documents, or other media that illustrate the concepts of the design and include spatial relationships, scale, and form for the owner to review

  • Research zoning requirements or jurisdictional restrictions

  • Produce a final schematic design, to which the Owner agrees after consultation and discussions

  • Estimate costs based on overall project volume


Deliverables: site plan, floor plan(s), elevation(s)



Design Development
  • Develop mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details

  • Select material types

  • Produce a final design, to which the Owner agrees after consultation and discussions


Deliverables: floor plans, sections, and elevations, preliminary details, and outline material specifications



Construction Documents
  • Develop construction details

  • Prepare drawings for agency submittal and contractor bidding


Deliverables: a set of drawings that include all pertinent information required for agency review



Agency Approvals
  • Submit drawings to responsible agency

  • Respond to agency comments and receive agency approval


Deliverables: an approved set of drawings ready for permit issuance



Bidding / Contract Negotiation
  • Submit drawings to potential Contractors for pricing.

  • Assist the Owner in evaluating the bids and selecting a Contractor



Construction Administration
  • Attend initial construction meeting with Owner and Contractor

  • Conduct site visits to correspond with required agency inspections

  • Respond to Contractor requests for information