sapele house

Type: remodel

Size: 2280 sf

Style: tropical modern

Location: North Tustin, CA


This project consisted of a complete systems upgrade and public space remodel of a 1970s ranch style house in North Tustin, CA. The objective was to strip the house of its dated aesthetic and transform it into a functional, modern oasis. Inspired by the owners' recent travels to Hawai'i and French Polynesia, it was decided that the house would be a perfect canvas to explore a tropical theme combined with the simplicity of modern design. To that end, tropical details and warm materials were incorporated throughout to provide a warm, livable house. Rather than adding square footage or significantly altering the layout, a focus was placed on increasing the perceived volume of the house. To accomplish this, the dining and living rooms were unified by a vaulted, beamed ceiling and the kitchen was opened up to the patio, outdoor dining room and view.


Photography © 2016 Erika Bierman Photography