Additional Services

The following services may be provided in addition to the standard services contract or may be offered as stand alone services.



Site Evaluation and Planning
  • Assist in site selection, including analysis of Owner’s program and alternative sites

  • Analyze site to determine maximum potential and development potential

  • Perform other analysis, such as planning and zoning requirements, site context, historic resources, utilities, environmental impact, and parking and circulation



Existing Conditions Survey
  • Take measurements of existing building and/or landscaping features

  • Produce as-built drawings in AutoCAD format



  • Preliminary studies to determine financial feasibility, site suitability, and/or master planning

  • Develop architectural programming, including value identification, goal setting, discovery of related facts, and development of specific project requirements



3-D Modeling / Rendering
  • Produce 3-D model(s) to assist in design process

  • Produce hand-drawn or computerized renderings of design


Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment Design
  • Select brand, model, and finish (as applicable) for fixtures and equipment

  • Select appropriate furnishings for finished spaces



  • Work with general contractor during design process in order to provide single-point accountability and seamless integration of design and construction and of cost and schedule control



LEED Certification
  • Conduct workshop

  • Prepare certification plan

  • Register project with U.S. Green Building Council

  • Submit documentation